Styles & Techniques

  • Open

    Are you a curious teen wanting to learn more about different dancing styles, but don’t have time to take up all the classes? Open Style dancing is the perfect fit for you. This style incorporates a mix of jazz, lyrical, contemporary and hip hop, rotating every two weeks. You will learn to balance your skills and master some really intricate moves, all while moving to a beat.

  • Lyrical

    Are you passionate about dance? Do you feel like you need a new way to express yourself. Then this style is definitely for you. Lyrical dancing is a style that resembles ballet. It incorporates the technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom, fluidity, expressiveness and airier aspects of jazz, as well as contemporary and modern dance. This style is based on choreography and self interpretation of the music. Routines are centred around a feeling, an emotion, though technique is vital, the dance will usually go in the direction of one’s spirit.

  • Contemporary

    Contemporary dance borrows from classical, modern, and jazz styles. It incorporates elements from many dance styles, which some overlap in movement types. This style utilizes both the strong and controlled leg work of ballet and modern dance’s stress on the torso. As well, it employs contact-release, floor work, fall & recovery, and improvisation characteristics of modern dance, along with unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction. If your looking for a good fusion of styles, contemporary is the ideal choice.

  • Ballet

    Precision. Elegance. Grace. Ballet. Maybe you want to become a professional dancer, or maybe you want to learn a few new moves. No matter, how old or young you are, ballet will always be fun. Coming from a very rich history, ballet uses a series of formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create a beautiful expressive composition through movement. Ballet is the basis of all dancing and improves strength, posture, balance and flexibility. We will surely “pointe” you in the right direction!”

  • Jazz

    Get your water bottle ready! Jazz dance is a motivating, fun, upbeat class with a lot of movement. Jazz involves a broad range of styles ranging from the 1950s to modern Jazz today. If you’re a really dynamic, super energetic person, Jazz is the place for you.

  • Acro

    Your first day in Acro dance involves you performing a swinging act on a tethered rope. Just kidding… Acro is actually a style of dance that combines classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements. It’s defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics. It is most popular in such circus productions as those by Cirque du Soleil. Acro dance is also known by other names including acrobatic dance and gymnastic dance, though it is commonly referred to simply as Acro. Acro will work on your flexibility, endurance and strength. A perfect add-on to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Hip Hop

    Street dancing, also known as hip-hop, is normally performed to hip hop music and is influenced by a style of jazz called jazz-funk. Traditionally, this style was used to create choreography from hip-hop dances that were performed on the street. What’s really neat about hip hop is the freestyle dance, where two dance crews would engage in a improvised dance competition, also referred to as battles; But, what you really need to know is that hip hop is a good way to stay active, wither your looking for a hobby, want to improve on your moves, or dance competitively.

  • Kinderhop

    Do you have a little ball of energy who needs an outlet. Why not kinderhop? This style involves age appropriate hip-hop dancing along with kid friendly music for 4-6 years old. A perfect combination for your little one! Hip-hop includes a good mix of choreography and improvisation, which let’s your child explore their creative side. One thing is certain, they will surely be rockin’ the dance floor at their next birthday party!

  • Conditioning

    Discover the advantage of full body conditioning for dancers! Conditioning is a work out class designed to build the cardio, fitness and strength dancers need. This is the perfect class to help build the right muscles and flexibility for competitive dancers.

  • Tap

    Do you have an ear for tap dancing? It’s ok if you don’t, we will teach you in the most amusing way how to make sound with your feet hitting the floor, with a rhythm of course! The sound is created by hitting the metal on the heel and toes of your shoes on the floor.

  • Pointe

    Pointe technique is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. Pointe technique resulted from a desire for female dancers to appear weightless.  Dancers must be technically strong, at least 12 years old and have special permission from a teacher.

  • Yoga

    An adult only class; The three main focuses of this style are exercise, breathing and meditation. Yoga helps reduce high blood pressure and lowers cardiovascular risk factors. It is a perfect leisure activity for a busybody seeking to decrease depression, insomnia, pain, fatigue and anxiety control. This style has positive effects on sleep anxiety, quality of life and spiritual growth. Yoga moves at a slow pace to encourage a relaxed state of mind.